Hayato Takahashi
Photo credit: Hayato Takahashi

Rainer Turim is a freelance photographer and reporter for the Villager, Editor-in-Chief of the Bardvark, former-intern of Con Artist Collective, Lomography NYC community member, and a high school student in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. His freelance photography has been published in a variety of publications such as Paper Magazine, AM New York, Gothamist, the Villager, and EV Grieve. He has filmed and interviewed a variety of artists including group portrait photographer Nicholas McManus, street artist Brandon Sines, and Lower East Side based photographer John Milisenda. In addition to digital photography, Rainer takes film photos using a Pentax K1000, Canon AE-1, and Olympus Stylus DLX, in addition to the other cameras generously given to him by friends and family. Besides photography, Rainer organizes and promotes concerts at local venues in New York City.